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Top 10 Largest Islands in The World

biggest islands in the world

Top 10 Largest Islands in The World

1. Greenland – 

Area – 2,130,800 sq. km. (822,700 sq. miles)

Population – 56,483

Population Density – 0.028/km2  (0.1/sq. mile)

Location – North America (Denmark)

Description – Greenland Islands are situated between the Arctic & Atlantic oceans. Greenland is one of the least hospitable lands with even least hospitable waters. The place in itself is the most adventurous destination constantly fetching the attention of tourists. Despite having long winters and short summers, Greenland still tops the list of the largest islands in the world and offers a variety of adventures to its tourists. Whale Watching, Local Culture, Winter Sports at Glacier Hiking draws the attention of the tourists. 


2. New Guinea

Area : 785,753 sq km (303,381 sq miles)

Population : 11,306,940

Population density : 14/km2 (36/sq miles)

Location: Indonesia and Papua New Guinea, Oceania

Description –  New Guinea holds the position of number two on the list of largest Islands in the world. The Island is sandwiched between Papua New Guinea & Indonesia. Also, it is split across two continents, Oceania & Asia. The island has a diverse culture with over 1000 languages. The place has quite a few unexplored terrains.

New Guinea


3. Borneo – 

Area: 743,330 sq km (288,869 sq miles)

Population: 19,804,064

Population density: 21.52/km2 (55.74/sq miles)

Location: Brunei, Indonesia, and Malaysia, Asia

Description – World’s 3rd largest islands in the world, Borneo is an attraction for tourists because of it’s exotic & rare wildlife and surrounding waters. It comprises of three countries, majorly covering the parts of Indonesian territories. A vast area covered with exotic wildlife jungles canopy while Irrawaddy dolphins swim and saltwater crocodiles.  


4. Madagascar – 

Area: 587,713 sq km (226,917 sq miles)

Population: 22,005,222

Population density: 33/km2 (85/sq miles)

Location: Africa

Description – Madagascar is the fourth largest islands in the world in the Indian Ocean. It is undoubtedly, one of the largest islands in the world but the land & waters are quite uninhabited. Madagascar is the habitat of the most serene natural beauty and some unusual wildlife. Surprisingly, 5% of all the known species of plants & animals can be found in Madagascar alone. With the biggest coastline of over 5000km, across the Indian ocean, Madagascar has calm & idyllic waters gently lap at sandy beaches makes this island the largest islands in the world.



5. Baffin Island 

Area: 507,451 sq km (195,928 sq miles)

Population: 10,745

Population density: 0.02/km2 (0.05/sq miles)

Location: Canada, North America 

Description – Baffin Island is one of the largest islands in the world located in Canada and is included in the list of largest islands in the world. Canada has the biggest coastline in the world with over 30,000 islands along the eastern shore of Georgian Bay Alone. The island has exotic landscapes and wildlife to offer to its visitors. 

Baffin Island

6. Sumatra

Area: 443,066 sq km (171,069 sq miles)

Population: 50,000,000

Population density: 106/km2 (275/sq miles)

Location: Indonesia, Asia

Description – Sumatra Islands are the largest islands in the world also known as the islands of mishaps because Eruptions, Earth Quakes, and Tsunamis are the frequently incurred events here. Sumatra has its own equilibrium of nature & Geography. Wildlife comprising of Orangutans, Tigers, Rhinos, and elephants. Picturesque beaches and clear barrels of surf make for fantastic diving and water sports. 


7. Honshu – 

Area: 225,800 sq km (87,200 sq miles)

Population: 103,000,000

Population density: 447/km2 (1,158/sq miles)

Location: Japan, Asia

Description – It is the most densely populated island on the list. Honshu is the 7th largest Island in the world. It is situated in one of the largest cities in the world, Tokyo. Hiroshima, Mount Fuji, and Tokyo are a few famous landmarks of Honshu.


8. Victoria Island

Area: 217,291 sq km (83,897 sq miles)

Population: 1,875

Population density: 0.009/km2 (0.02/sq miles)

Location: Canada, North America

Description – It is the sole Largest Islands in the world that is entirely accommodated in the Arctic Circle. It is very less populated with citizens, not more than in 2000. Instead of people, there are tens of thousands of caribou & musk-ox, which are both endemic to Canada. 

Victoria Island


9. Great Britain – 

Area: 209,331 sq km (80,823 sq miles)

Population: 60,800,000

Population density: 302/km2 (782/sq miles)

Location: United Kingdom, Europe

Description – Great Britain is the largest island in the world of Europe and the 9th largest islands in the world. It includes a portion of England, Scotland, and Wales. It is one of the least dramatic islands than that of those on this list. It has nothing much to offer except rolling heels, craggy coastlines, and quaint villages. 

Great Britain

10. Ellesmere Island

Area: 183,965 sq km (71,029 sq miles)

Population: 146

Population density: 0.000744/km2 (0.0019/sq miles)

Location: Canada, North America

Description – Being the 10th largest islands in the world, Ellesmere Island has no or exceptionally few residents living there, Just 146 to be precise. It is one of the coldest places on planet earth with very high mountain ranges in the Canadian Arctic. The place is pretty inhospitable for humans to survive. 

Great Britain

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