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Top 10 Powerful Passports in the World

powerful passports in the world

Passports are as important as breathing if we have a desire to travel outside of our country. Furthermore, Passports are the most important document that we have to carry if we travel to other countries. Similarly, There are some passports, which are the most powerful passports in the world. Even more, powerful than some of the passports don’t need visas. Or let’s say they are visa-free.

Check Out the list of Most Powerful Passport in the World –

1. Japan

Japan holds the most powerful passport in the world. Furthermore, With 190 jurisdictions, this country welcomes its holder to travel across the world.


2. Singapore

According to the Henley Passport Index, Singapore has the second most powerful passport in the world. Singapore offers Visa-free or Visa arrival to its citizens with access to 189 jurisdictions.


3. Germany

Germany comes in third place along with France and South Korea. Furthermore, Earlier Germany topped on the list.


4. Denmark

Denmark, Finland, Italy, Sweden, and Spain are recorded as the fourth most powerful passports. It offers Visa-Free or Visa arrival with access to 187 jurisdictions in the world.


5. Norway, UK, Austria, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal, US

Passport holders of Norway with the other 6 countries having rights to access 186 jurisdictions. Therefore these countries entered in the list of most powerful passports.


6. Canada, Belgium, Ireland, Switzerland

Canada comes in the sixth position of Henley Passport Index with Switzerland, Ireland, and Belgium. If offers Visa Free and Visa Arrival both for 185 destinations.


7.  Australia, Greece and Malta

Australia, Greece, and Malta are counted as the seventh most powerful passport in the world, having access to 183 jurisdictions.


8. The Czech Republic and New Zealand

New Zealand and the Czech Republic hold the eighth most powerful passports in the world. The Czech Republic and New Zealand offer visa-free and visa on arrival to its citizens. Passport holders of the Czech Republic and New Zealand having the right to access 182 destinations.

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9. Iceland

The Land of Fire and Ice (Iceland) has the 9th most powerful passport in the world. Passport holder of Iceland having access to 181 destinations with visa-free or visa on arrival.

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10. Hungary

As per Henley Passport Index, Hungary holds the 10th most powerful passport in the world. Citizens of Hungary having the right to access nearly 180 destinations of the world.

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